Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Beginning!

Hello everyone :)  So glad you found me here!  I have been thinking about starting a food blog for some time now.  I enjoy cooking at home and love to learn new techniques and recipes.  I'm not a very sophisticated cook by any stretch of the imagination!  I believe that shows like Top Chef, Iron Chef, Chopped and various other "reality cooking shows" have given folks the desire to get into the kitchen and see what they can do culinarily (is that even a word??!!).  But that doesn't mean that the food I want to talk about here is only what I am cooking at home.  No - I also want to talk about the restaurants I visit and the fare that they serve.  I've lived in New York all my life.   My home is on Staten Island but I work in Manhattan which gives me the opportunity to visit a lot of new and exciting restaurants in the city.  I hope you enjoy reading what I have to post.  I would love for you to join in and post your recipes and ideas about the food you are enjoying in your homes or in your local restaurants.  

So let's kick this pig! ;)  

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  1. This a great idea,I enjoyed your dishes. I look forward to seeing and sharing recipes with you. I am also interested in learning about the great Eaterys in NYC.